Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing their individual differences. When people from different backgrounds, different thought processes regardless of religion, race, and culture work together in an organization, there can be some amazing benefits and some issues for the organization and within the people themselves.

As people are more talking about having a diverse workforce within the organization is beneficial and up to some extent, I too believe that.

For me, having cultural diversity in an organization can certainly increase productivity as people with different thought processes and skills will be working towards the same goal. As people from different sort of backgrounds will be getting to know each other and thus they may be able to bring out the fresh ideas.

Another positive aspect I can think of is an increase in creativity as different people can bring out different solutions for a given set of problems. As every person has his own way of looking at things. So if different people work together in a team to solve a problem, there are chances of having different ideas on the table regarding the problem.

Moreover, having a diverse workforce in an organization can be beneficial as it creates a positive environment altogether and as well as increases the reputation of the organization in the outer world. A diverse collection of skills and thought processes allows an organization to step up in terms of customer satisfaction as the organization is able to relate and understand their clients better and some even on a personal level.

The only issue I see with having a diverse workforce in an organization is the people’s mindset and thoughts about someone else who is different from their race, religion, or culture. I often see people facing problems while communicating with people of another culture.

I can say up to some extent I also face similar challenges when it comes to communicating with people from different backgrounds or cultures. Sometimes it is quite difficult to understand what they are saying or maybe sometimes that stereotyped thinking comes to play.

Like for example, initially, If I talk to someone that has a completely different accent than me, then I will be having a hard time understanding what they are saying but as everything happens for the first time, I think that this issue will be soon sorted out as time goes on.

As soon as this barrier will be crossed by people, I think the mindset or thinking about having a diverse workforce within the organization will only be positive.