No matter how many plans you do, shit happens!

Project Planning

Well, this is true for every being that no matter how many plans you do, shit happens. The journey for me in an educational domain project was not as simple as I was expecting it to be. The project was huge both in scale and complexity. For such projects to be carried out successfully, there should be a well-planned structure. Although however and how many times you planned the structure well, the shit gonna happens. And it happens in this too….

There were many issues in the projects, that were needed to address immediately. When I was enrolled in the project, I needed time to understand the whole project, but due to urgency, there was no time for it. While knowing previous project techniques, I decided to work on this without going deep into the project’s core. I started with fixing some minor issues, by taking help from the team members who have worked before on this project, and with time we covered all the issues. This project taught me about client pressure, various techniques, delivery pressure- its impact on the team and project, mistakes that could have been possibly avoided in the beginning.

So while working on this project, I realize that no matter how good your planning is, or how many times you planned it properly, if shit gonna happen, it happens.